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Synchronous technology with Europe

All along, German manufacturing artistry not only represents the highest manufacturing process, but also marked the highest level of product quality. Most of Theodore’s products export to Europe markets. Thus, it is fully proved that Theodore products have reached a new high level of international standard.

Theodore has made full use of international scientific research strength, has developed intellectual property products, trusted by consumers.


Gather most advanced equipment

Domestic famous brand mold machine and production equipment, key sophisticated equipment imported from Europe.

Gathered the world advanced equipment, which lays a solid foundation for the production and inspection of high quality products. Even if it is extremely strict and rigorous to the precision, Theodore still handle a situation with ease.


New environment-friendly materials

Massive new materials and advanced craft enable Theodore products’ motors abrasion resistance and material’s fatigue resistance far more superior than the similar products in the market. Besides, not only lengthen the service life, but also guarantee that the product runs well in extremely special conditions, safer and more environment-friendly (non-toxic, odorlessness, flame-resistant).


Precise technology of core parts

Motor combines the motor of various disciplines, automatic control, precision machinery, new materials and so on. Motor manufacturing process, relates to precise mechanism, magnetic materials processing, manufacturing, winding insulation treatment technology. As the process equipment required large, high precision, in order to ensure the quality of electrical products, Theodore has made large investment in a series of sophisticated testing equipment, using advanced manufacturing technology and adopting management mode of NYPS, realizing European synchrotron advanced technology and quality standard .


R&D Achievements:

Integrated space source water heater


Multi-function heat pump water heater


Direct-heat recycling heat pump water heater water system

Integrated square heat pump water heater


Coiler changeable integrated hat pump water heater


Silent multi-hole air curtain


Multi-vent fan


Air curtain


Air blower

Wind curtain(1)


Wind curtain(2)


Wind curtain (stainless steel)

Warm wind air curtain


Ventilation fan (air curtain)

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